San Pedro Creek 15"x24" Oil on Canvas.  Sold


Scenic Drive 22"x44" Oil on Canvas.   $10500


Click 30"x40" Oil on Canvas.   SOLD


Devereux Lagoon 15"x24" Oil on Canvas.   $2400


Reflections 30"x40"Oil on Canvas.   SOLD


Spring at Ellwood Beach 18"x24" Oil on Canvas.   $2600


Adobe del Sol  14"x18" Oil on Canvas $1850


Beside Still Waters 30"x40" Oil on Canvas $5800


Anjelica 11"x14" Oil on Canvas $1050


Paola 11"x14" Oil on Masonite $1050


Alejandra 40"x30" Oil on Canvas $5800


N.101 30"x40" Oil on Canvas $6800


Along the Golden Coast 36"x48"   SOLD


Time for Work and Play 11"x14" Oil on Canvas Board $1050


Haul Out Time 8"x8" Oil on Masonite $875


Nightwatch 8"x8" Oil on Masonite $875


After Glow 30"x40" Oil on Canvas   $6800


California Heartland 11'x14" Oil on Canvas Board  $1050


Moonlighting 8"x8" Oil on Masonite  SOLD